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Commercial Property Auctions

Companies often have assets they need to liquidate, and an auction can be a productive way to do so. It’s important to work with a partner who understands your needs and has the experience, credentials, and know-how to run your auction in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Are you a company that needs to dispose of assets and are looking for the best option to dispose of your real property or equipment? Contact us for more information in regards to commercial auction services as well as private party sale options. Independence Auction Co. has a commitment to professionalism and integrity, our staff has the philosophy of providing their personal best to our clients.  By taking a personal interest in each auction we conduct, we provide a profitable and positive outcome for the seller. It is our goal to get you the highest return possible for your assets. For the buyer, we provide a professional atmosphere and a variety of merchandise. We also offer an appraisal service to lending and leasing institutions, insurance companies and private individuals.

We maximize returns for sellers. Plain and simple. Auctions are designed to sell assets quickly, and take any negotiating headaches out of the picture. Our team will catalog the assets, market the event, and facilitate payment.

Why should you sell your commercial property at auction?

Competitive bidding: Buyers are influenced by the energetic atmosphere and get caught up in bidding competition. They’re forced to make an immediate decision instead of playing a waiting game with the seller.

Broader customer reach: Auctions reach a larger number of interested, qualified buyers and are more widely publicized than most sales. This has the potential to drive prices up beyond local or regional conditions.

Fast liquidity: Sellers receive immediate cash for their assets and rid themselves of unwanted equipment, reducing taxes and maintenance/carrying costs. They know exactly when their assets will be sold.



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