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“A successful auction doesn’t just happen; It’s planned that way.”

In today’s ever-changing markets, auctions are considered a tool of first choice by a knowledgeable seller, not an avenue of last resort. An auction by Independence Auction Co. is the fastest way to turn your property into cash!  Independence Auction Co.  is a full-service auction company committed to delivering the highest quality Real Estate and Personal Property auctions for banks, mortgage companies, attorneys, courts, and trust officers, as well as individuals.

Independence Auction Co. is family owned and operated. We provide a variety of auction services to fulfill your specific needs. Your auction can be held on-site or moved to another location.

You can sell your property quicker. Buyers come together for one big competitive showdown.

1. A value is demonstrated. Traditional sales set the price and then bargain down. The auction process demonstrates the value and “bargains up”.

2. Auctions draw attention. You create a market for your property. Exposure is enormous compared to conventional efforts. Many times more people are exposed to your property during the “Auction Promotion”. It is concentrated and intense.

3. Urgency to buy is created. Buy this property now or it won’t be available later. When the ads start and the signs go up, people know the property is going to be sold.


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417.313.0211 or 870.376.3030 - info@iauctionco.com