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When selling at auction, the particulars of the sale, as well as the setting and environment of the sale, is determined by the seller, the expected bidders, and the items, as well as types of items, being sold.

Whether you are selling your home, automobiles, art and collections, equipment, crop land, or timber land, Independence Auction Co will organize, market, and conduct your auction to bring the greatest success.

After contacting our team, we will walk through the process with you.  We will schedule an appointment with you and those who will need to be involved in the sale.  At this appointment, we will discuss and explain your options, and can even set the date for the auction.  You, as our client, are our top priority.  We will walk you through ever step, and take all the fear out of the process.

We use the most up-to-date marketing, as well as traditional means, to make your sale a success.  We use the power of social media, high traffic websites, newspapers, magazines, flyers, and other means to get your sale in front of the right people, are some of the tools in our belt to bring the right bidders on your sale.

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417.313.0211 or 870.376.3030 - info@iauctionco.com