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NO more fighting between cousins over Grandmas furniture.

An Estate Auction allows family members to fairly get the items they want. Family can bid on items in public like everyone else. If they bid the most they get the item at a fair price, the estate is now larger to divide, and everyone feels that it was fair.

Sell the House & the Furniture in 4 hours, All Done at Auction

In every Estate, the home is full of the deceased’s personal property just as they left it. Most Real Estate agents will tell you to get rid of everything before they list it. Keep in mind they are listing it; they don't have it sold yet. We can sell it all immediately, house & contents. One day, easy no work for you. No work for you cleaning or organizing. No pain for you sifting thru the deceased's effects.

We believe that an Estate Auction is the "the Only Compassionate resolve" to dispersing estate assets. Have you seen family members fighting over the littlest things? Have unknown friends come forward wanting property or items? Have you seen attorneys maneuvering over small amounts of money, sometimes a legal fee is more than the item involved? Have you been overwhelmed with the amount of clean up or items to disperse? Is there a house full of items, that the Realtor told you to get rid of before they could list the home?

Are you in the midst or beginning of resolving a loved one's estate? Then call us. We can help you resolve the estate dilemma. Our services are Turn Key, Easy, Painless and a Relief to our past clients. Give us a call 870-376-3030 or 417-313-0211, and we'll drop by for a free consultation.

What is the Most Important Asset?

The House   Correct?

Then why treat the house as an afterthought. After you disperse the contents, you'll think about selling the house. Have you ever seen an estate home for sale for months or years after the funeral? Selling it at auction in the same auction with the contents, is the "best auction scenario", Ask us why with a call 417-313-0211 or 870-376-3030.

Dignity & Respect

Our professional staff takes great pride in respecting our clients, either here or beyond. We retain all personal papers & pictures and return to the family. We maintain complete respect in keeping your loved one's dignity. Our experience handling estates, shields you from painful memories. Let us face the music for you.

Let us help you get on with your life.

Let us help you resolve this chapter quickly and without pain.

Call us at 417-313-0211 or 870-376-3030

417.313.0211 or 870.376.3030 - info@iauctionco.com