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Utilizing commercial real estate auctions is one of the best ways you can go to find great buyers and sellers for your next commercial real-estate endeavor.

Getting a commercial property at an auction can make the buying process much simpler as commercial real estate auctions in Arkansas and Tennessee remain a sure way to get you the most return on your real-estate investment. These real-estate auction process brings several benefits which include:

    Attention: At the auction event, thorough attention is paid to the real estate owner’s property alone.

    Customized advertising and marketing programs are one of the major benefits of real estate auction. Every marketing campaign is particular to the property. This implies that your commercial real estate is exposed to a wide range of potential buyers. Thereby, accelerating the sale and the possibility of selling at a price higher than the real market value of the commercial real estate.

    Bidders who are interested in acquiring commercial real estate are given the opportunity to determine the value of such commercial real estates by themselves through bidding.

    A potential buyer of the commercial real estate is given the assurance that he or she is competing on the same terms and conditions as well as on a neutral ground with other potential buyers.

    The commercial real estate accelerated sales saves the seller from incurring additional expenses that would have been otherwise incurred if the sales has been delayed.



Commercial real estate auction companies provide a platform whereby real estate owners who are willing to sell meet with the potential buyers of their property. They provide lots of services to both parties and are a great option to consider whenever you are willing to sell or purchase commercial real estate. Commercial real estate auction companies offer a number of important advantages, these include:

        Simplicity: They simplify the whole process of commercial real estate transaction. The property does not have to be shown multiple times. As the commercial real estate transaction is concluded once and for all. The terms are fixed and commercial real estate is disposed ‘as is’. Plus, all extended negotiations are eliminated without any sort of contingency.

        High competition: Due to the wide outreach of commercial real estate auction companies, several potential buyers who have different ideas about the value and use of the commercial property are attracted. This creates a competitive atmosphere in the auction room as several bidders tries to be the one to make the highest and the final bid.

        Specific date: The commercial real estate auction companies enables the real estate owner to choose date to hold the commercial auction. The time at which the sale will be made would be known, enabling both the buyer and seller to plan according.

        Risk minimization: Commercial real estate auction companies help in the reduction of risks and possible fraud. This is done by the proper examination of the property’s documentations in order to ensure its authenticity and reliability as well as ensuring that the commercial real estate property is in a good condition. This serves as a safeguard to the interests of the potential buyers.

        The commercial real estate auction company’s property auctioneers works closely with the real estate owners to build a personalized marketing campaign. The best use of the commercial real estate will be determined and then the potential buyers are targeted.

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Whether you need to reduce your inventory, are consolidating or moving your business or going out of business, Independence Auction Co. can help with all your business liquidation needs. Our unique marketing strategies and special online auction capabilities mean you'll get maximum value for your business assets. Plus, we have the experience to handle complex transactions and always stay current on laws and regulations pertaining to industrial and commercial asset. We are also experienced in selling large manufacturing plants down to small private businesses.

We can sell a wide variety of business assets including:

  •     Construction and Excavating Equipment
  •     Vehicles
  •     Large Trucks
  •     Tools
  •     Industrial equipment
  •     Manufacturing equipment
  •     Restaurant equipment
  •     Farm equipment

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